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на 14 март 2016 в Уеб, Коментарите са изключени за SVG filters and CSS animations don’t play together well in WebKit

SVG filters and CSS animations don’t play together well in WebKit

There is one particular day in my life that went into reading everything I could find about applying SVG filters on HTML content in Webkit/Blink and pulling my hair why didn’t my code work. See, I had an element with a SVG filter applied as a URI reference and the filter didn’t appear in Chrome and Opera. I tryed embedding the filter definition into the HTML – didn’t work, I tryed recreating the filter with the filter functions available in CSS – could’t create the same effect, but filters did work. Thet I noticed that the filters shows up while the JavaScript is loading, and after disabling JS throu DevTools the filter was there. And after toggling every single piece of JavaScript on the website on and off I managet to pinpoint the cause of my trobbles – a function that applied a class to the body that triggered an animation on a element that is siblink to the one with the SVG filter applied. Then I remembered reading about Chrome not using the GPU for SVG filters applied with URI, but using it for the shortcut functions in CSS. And then I knew – when applying the animation, Chrome rendered the whole container with the GPU and the SVG filter disappeard. And I did try to use 2d functions for the animation, but Chrome still used the GPU and broke the filter. So, if you ever try to use complex SVG filters together with CSS animation, be prepared for trouble!


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